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15 Reasons Why Vinyl Record Reprints Are Better Than CD's

Are you contemplating whether you want to get your new music on CD or Vinyl? For most of us who grew up on vinyl, let us help you decide. In this article, we are going to give you an excellent list of reasons why vinyl record reprints are the better choice.

Collectability - Seriously how many people do you know that collect CD's? And how many people in the world collect vinyl record? Vinyl is the clear winner here. Another point is the whole reason you bought a record is to see the music liner notes, lyrics, pictures, and special features packed into those LP record sleeves.

Buying Experience - buying vinyl record reprints are a totally different experience compared to shopping for CD's. It's more engaging and emotional. For all the metalhead rockers who bought Black Sabbath and Dio records thinking those albums could unlock the forces of Hell was pure wonder wielding unknown power of the full size album cover itself!

Sounds Better - when all things being equal (e.g. speaker set-ups and a great music equalizer), vinyl will always sound better to CD's. With most digital recordings, you have to work harder to get a sound that is genuine to the band music. How music sounds from LP’s actually matches the mood that was intended to be heard best.

Holds Value - in case you need emergency cash, you can actually sell your vinyl for a higher price than a used CD will ever allow for. Used CD’s are simply a joke especially since reprint bootleg copies are so abundant whereas bootleg vinyl records are full market value depending on how mint the album looks.

Near Permanent Medium - vinyl has already been tested by time; and from the looks of it, it’s not going back into the basement anytime soon since the recent resurgence took place. Besides that point, newer reprints of music you loved most is way better sounding than the CD’s version was remixed.

Better Music Production - because vinyl has only a limited space, only the best music titles are put into production. In essence, you get more quality, than quantity. Those bands who think that every CD should be packed with 20 different remixes of the same single are smoking the wrong pipe!

Double Sides - some people just love that old style of having two sides (Side A & Side B) puts a real flip to the concept of record content that never gets tiring. Somehow they never invented a dual side needle so you don’t have to flip the album… Just kidding!

Artwork - artwork cover on a vinyl record is a class by itself. Even if CD's come with the same artwork, vinyl covers are bigger and the amount of detail is more easy to see! Just think of all those Beatles albums which held clues that fans were searching to see if Paul McCartney was really dead.

Listening Captivity - listening to your vinyl is simply captivating. It requires you to sit down and truly focus on the music. This is both enjoyable with quality headphones or a speaker set-up.

Scratches Are Good - CD's get scratched, and they start skipping. There’s nothing that will fix this problem, as it just gets worse over time. Vinyl will also have scratches, but it's what gives it character; and even near-nostalgic feel. No two record have identical scratches, so hearing authentic LP’s play-caries history and distinction.

Last Longer - in terms of durability, vinyl will always last longer than CD's. The only down side is heat which can warp most vinyl records, but any owner knows that a cool closet or dry storage basement is the real key to longevity.

Resurgence - CD sales are on a decline, while vinyl is making a coming back and getting more popular than ever. One reason this is obvious is the clutter that CD’s often create and the lack of value which CD’s are notorious for.

Better Taste - not everything is printed on vinyl. Thus, sticking to this medium allows you to listen to real music and not the corporate-regurgitated kind of music that often shy’s away from Vinyl records altogether. Then again, 8-track tapes were pretty hearty for sound which you simply cannot find anymore.

A Living Legacy - vinyl has no doubt become a legacy of its’ own and getting one allows you to become a part of that legacy. Most who collect original prints treat them like gold (perhaps never playing them) whereas reissue prints allow you to really relive what the original sound was all about.

Community - vinyl has its own tight fan base; which there is a group you can connect and talk about real music. As opposed to the new Millennial generation, those of us who know what a record player is used for other than seeing it as that junk that’s stashed somewhere in Grandpa’s basement.