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7 Rock Bands That Made Incredible Comebacks in 2017

LCD Soundsystem - This cool and alternative band has not been part of the major scene for quite some time now, about twelve years. Although the band was supposed to have a release date last year, things are looking up for 2017. LCD Soundsytem’s new album, “American Dream”, was finally released on September 1st of this year. Along with their new album, a worldwide tour also accompanied it.

30 Seconds to Mars - Not many may know that this rock band’s frontman is Jared Leto, is also an Oscar-award winning actor. Because of this, the band has been taking a break due to his very busy schedule. The band is promising a new album sometime this year with no specific date set yet. However, they’ve performing at a number of tour venues for the 2017 summer season.

Depeche Mode - This incredible band has not released any new material since their last album, “Delta Machine” in 2013. Depeche Mode made a great comeback by coming out with their fourteenth album called “Spirit” this past spring.

Gorillaz - Probably one of the greatest alternative rock bands, Gorillaz released “Humanz” on April 28th of this year. It has been six years since the release of anything new from this band, and fans went wild when they finally came out with “Humanz”. They also managed to bump Fort Minor off the list of being on the top 360 degree videos offered on Youtube likewise.

Marilyn Manson - Might have been dragging his heels through hell and back to get his newest album “Heaven Upside Down”, which is their 10th studio album to date to be released this year. Manson was among the first of celebrities who was symbolically calling for the beheading or murder of US President Donald Trump. This was then followed by Johnny Depp, Cathy Griffin, Ted Nugent, Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg and of course –Madonna.

U2 - Has enjoyed a solid fan base since the early 80’s and certainly had their fair share of ups and downs. Their newest album Songs of Experience finally got a release date this year in December. For what seems to be more than a year now, this album is their 14th release (not counting side projects and experimental music) to hit the airwaves. Their hot single “The Blackout” brings back memories of U2 when they had some intentions of making good rock music!

Tool - Talk about some guys who haven’t released a new album for the last 10 years or so… Sure there was A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, but nothing beats monster bong hits and rocking out to the hypnotic sounds of a band known better for their incredible live shows and weird but cool music videos. No exact release date has been set, then again Tool is often known to do things their own way and usually with no notice at all.