The Concert Hall

We are a collective group of musicians and music fans who can’t get enough of the Rock & Roll lifestyle. Over the years we’ve seen bands come and go, but the ones that rock steady always have their fans to thank for their success. That’s why we’ve dedicate this site to those who those who enjoy similar rock and metal bands that inspired us back in the old days. From power metal rock bands including Guns ‘N Roses to heavy metal heroes like AC/DC, if they’re doing the moving and shaking of the rock scene today- you’ll hear about the inside scoop on what they’re doing now.

It’s taken years to collect some pretty impressive records and rare recordings for our Rock & Roll record vault collection and we want to share some of the best selections of them with you. We also want to add ‘bits and pieces’ of little-known secrets about these bands to give you an idea what the real story was about well-known songs they’re best known for. Even cool bonus extras like hidden tracks you never heard before or those secret backmasking messages you always wondered about. Better yet is our section on upcoming concerts and reunion tours of some bands you thought would never get back-up on the stage again. Brand new record releases and re-releases of albums thanks to newly pressed vinyls (some of which include alternate song versions) which were never part of those official record label releases, and much more!

We’ve got so much to add to the site, so be patient while we keep stashing more cool rockin’ stuff as we go. Since most of us have day jobs anyway we’re not afraid to ask for a bit of help, so we invite you to make suggestions on what bands are your personal favorites and why? We want to include all the coolest rock bands you love the most and even some of those who (almost made it) break-up bands that could have been huge back in the day.