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Hidden lyrics heard in top Rock ‘n Roll songs

There is something magical about music we listen to, and maybe it’s the way it makes us feel alive (even when we feel down), or the way it heightens fantasies and emotions that we’ve never felt before. It’s not by accident that Rock ‘n Roll tops the charts and make us feel alive with electrifying beats and metallic sounds. You are already assured lively music, but there's more to Rock ‘n Roll than just music; as there are hidden messages that only the Rock fanatics look to hear. These messages can vary and even-more so are their translations. Most will agree that these messages exist, while others think it’s reverse marketing to get people to buy the music hoping to find hidden messages.

The following list contains song and/or albums that contain more messages than one.

It wouldn’t be proper to start discussing hidden lyrics without mentioning the Beatles, since they had hidden messages in almost all their big hits. At the end of their “I’m So Tired" John Lennon is heard talking gibberish. When reversed, it is found that he is actually claiming to miss Paul McCartney. The words “Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him” are thought by many to be proof that Paul was dead. Many backward messages such as this are also purported to be a marketing hoax claiming that Paul McCartney was dead and the surviving members added them to selected song as clues.

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is the perfect bitter-sweet song to listen to, especially if you are thinking of going to heaven. It is however- a very bad song to listen to if you are not planning to take a trip to hell. When played in reverse at normal speed, the lyrics of the song appear to be praising the devil starting with “0h here’s to my sweet Satan...” This is one of the few songs in Rock ‘n Roll history which allegedly has the entire song filled with backwards messages.

Judas Priest closes up the list with their “Better By You, Better Than Me”. The song became notorious when it lead to two young men to commit suicide after listening to it for a while in a club in 1985 while drinking beer and sharing marijuana. The parents to the two young men claimed that when the lyrics to the song are reversed sound like “Do it”. One more case that fueled fire to the Christian idealist groups who insisted that heavy metal music was the work of Satan. This is also one of the few cases where a song is blamed on a tragedy.

Some songs contain hidden lyrics that aren’t backwards at all which are usually in the form of double meanings and interpretation. Some of the best known include “Imagine” by John Lennon which is the perfectly sung manifesto for the idealism of Communism. The song: “Summer of 69” from Bryan Adams is all about sexual experiences. “Born in the USA” from ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen who is really singing about the shame of Vietnam Veterans after they returned back to America. Those who felt that Bonnie Tyler had a sappy rock ballad: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” never would imagined it was all about a woman yearning to become turned into an illusive Vampire- but slowly is tortured over time as a result. Now that’s creepy if not downright cold-hearted.