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Is there any truth that ‘Rock ‘n Roll is the devil’s music’?

baby-wall-art-oliver-gal-artRock and roll music appeared more than 60 years ago in the early 1950’s. Over that time, the kind of music that developed grew more and more in the direction of lust and desire themes. David Gergen (an Indi-Americana Rock n’ Roller singer) characterizes the evolution as: "The difference between yesterday's rock music and rock music today can be described in comparison of models in bathing suits in sports magazines and photos of naked women in pornographic magazines."

Nowadays- the fascination of rock music has become a kind of global movement numbering hundreds of millions of fans. For many young people, rock music and its’ more exuberant version "black metal" have become a way of life, which encourages debauchery, drug abuse, violence and nihilism. These especially include the so-called satanic groups like Gorgoroth, Behemoth, and Mayhem.

A live concert featuring the rowdy Rock n’ Roll group "Guns N 'Roses," that was held back in the' 90s in St. Louis, Missouri, had finished early resulting in acts of vandalism from enraged young fans with at least 60 people who were injured in the frenzy and chaos. "Rolling Stones" magazine reported that the participants of the concert got violent and started throwing bottles, destroying seats, and ripping-out bushes. They also went so far as to burn and breaking musical instruments that were left onstage after the band walked-out. The riot itself lasted for more than an hour until special police arrived and restored order.

In the community of the Jefferson Township in New Jersey in 1988, teenager Thomas Sullivan stabbed his mother, Betty Anne in the basement of their home. Then he set fire to a sofa which in turn began to burn down the entire house. He then fled the scene, but after these actions, he committed suicide by cutting both his wrists. About a week before the crime happened, Thomas became more involved in reading Satanic books, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and listening to Heavy Metal music. It’s unsure that the music drove him to commit the crime but because it was part of his madness, it may have played a part in his mania as a result.

Besides sex and violence, rock music contributes to drug abuse in many ways. The "Times" magazine commented that "rock music composers use drugs frequently and openly within their lifestyle." One article in the Post Graduate Medicine made the following conclusion: "Facts prove that rock music usually stimulates the use of drugs, indiscriminate sexual intercourse, and violent behavior". Any spiritually developed person cannot help but notice that the influence of devilish behavior in modern music is constantly growing. It is the Prince of Darkness tentacles that often penetrate deeper into the lives of modern people who follow these kinds of Rock n’ Roll trends. Children and young people especially are the main consumers of modern violent music. Of course, for the most part- they do not delve into the meaning of the words and backwards messages in rock music, which they are addicted to. And since their minds are not yet developed enough to understand all the sexual connotations and different kinds of perversions that occultists place in their songs, much of the meaning is simply lost. We cannot call all rock and roll songs the music of Satan, but without a doubt, they have a very bad influence on young people nowadays. As a perfect example: there is singer Lady Gaga with her over-the-top form of fashion and visual style. Though she is not exclusively Rock n’ Roll, the elements of a wild lifestyle and excessive extremism are not hard to spot with many online critics who are quick to point out she is everything from a media whore to an illuminati witch. Whatever the case may be, her fans all have different opinions of what she is or isn’t.