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Marilyn Manson: The Antichrist Superstar is Reborn?

Marilyn Manson, one of the most controversial artists of our time is at it again. This time, he is said to have been involved with some unsettling actions that apparently involve sucking leeches. That’s not all actually- as he takes it one step further goes on to make sausage out of them. This is all in preparation for his role as a murderous barber in the popular TV series Salem. For those of you who don’t know- Salem is a supernatural drama that’s now in its third season running. This might even make more people tune-in for the season premier thanks to Manson's appearance. This won't be the first time that Manson has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. He’s done everything you can think of, from live cutting on stage, to fake breasts, and the weirdest forms of Satanism that are out there. There is just no end to what Manson is capable of, in order to get the world's attention. However, the fact is that he has made a lot of money out of these controversies as they have helped push his record sales through the roof. His concerts likewise are always sold out, so you know that this is a guy who knows knows a little something about how to draw a crowd.

antichrist-superstar-logoTogether with his band members have reportedly destroyed a lot of their original instruments during some recording sessions, and it’s believed that they actually microwaved four-track recorders, as well as throwing their first drum machine out a window two stories high. This might have been at the request of Trent Reznor who told them early-on to lose the drum machine and get a real drummer instead… The band is also said to have engaged in risky techniques that are mind altering- such as pain induced rituals and sleep deprivation and even taking drugs. What else could a fan of the Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle ever want, these guys take their jobs serious! There have even been cases of live scorpions being thrown on stage during their Antichrist tour. Manson has also cut himself with knives, broken bottles, and anything else that could draw blood on stage. Not to mention his open bragging about being an official Satanic priest and the limitless rants of human deprivation through suffering he has spouted on stage. All this just sums up one of the craziest rock and roll artists of this generation, and it remains a question if he will be remembered for generations to come for his music and not his public decadence skills.

One clue regarding his music is the strange transformations that Manson some how connected through his album work, including a trio of studio albums which are known as the “Triptych” -and is highly debated for how all three albums connect to each other. One thing for sure, this trio of albums cover some of their best work from the period between 1996-2000. The story begins with the album Holy Wood (2000), then Mechanical Animals (1998), and finally: Antichrist Superstar (1996). These are stories that involve emerging character types who transform into something- however this Triptych story begins in reverse, which makes sense since doing things in reverse is what Infamous Occultist ‘Aleister Crowley’ had taught. He hasn’t done much since the early 2000’s, besides some fine follow-up albums, including Born Villain (2012) and The Pale Emperor (2016) which proves he’s back in the saddle once again. More than ever, Manson has been spending more time regaining himself rather than the over-blown visage of the drug-induced Antichrist Superstar he thus became to live-through. More stable than ever, Manson has been enjoying acting, painting, and whatever strikes his fancy. What he’s been doing lately marks a new reborn transformation which has all the earmarks of someone who embraced his limitations. With a 10th album in the works set to release in February 2017, we might get something totally unexpected.