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Rock legend deaths of 2016

There is no shame in “going out with a bang” as most rockers might attribute to their wild life-styles and alternative habits. One might say if this were the case, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards or singer Iggy Pop would have kicked the bucket years ago. However, just in the last year alone we have seen the prominent deaths of those who have left this world (and perhaps onto the next) quite too early in their career for most people to accept.

David Bowie is one such name that is a long-lasting evolution of rock and experimental rock music which inspired modern stars including Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga. Without David Bowie in this world, one wonders if there is room left to breathe with lack-luster parasites like Justin Bieber or Miley Cirus…

Rock legend deaths

If only Lemmi Kilmister (of the group Motorhead) had stuck around long enough to ring-in the New Year, he died sadly on Decemeber 28, but most people didn’t know he died until January- well after the season ending holidays. Lemmi would have approved either way since his favorite past-time final days were spent playing his ‘pokie’ slot machine brought directly from the “Rainbow” bar on the Hollywood strip.

Prince is among the most recently departed and falls into the rock category quite easily. Yes- he was odd and at times very-very odd. He fought with Warner Brothers music since the 1990’s for nearly a decade to obtain the rights to his own stage name. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and has seven Grammy awards. Oddly enough most people have a love or hate opinion of Prince and his style of Rock and Roll. Glen Frey on the other hand was the singer/songwriter of the classic rock band: “The Eagles” who preformed mega hits like ‘Hotel California’, ‘The Heat is On’, and ‘You belong to the City’. Aside from the excessive use by NFL clips featuring their special brand of 80’s rock, the wonder of Hotel California still perplexes many as to the real meaning behind the lyrics. Perhaps Glen finally broke free of that place he could never leave.

Not everyone who was a true legend has died in the so-called ‘69 Club’, and this year is proof enough for that indeed! Turning 70 this year included a star-studded list who better not think of turning up daisies. Legendary as they are “Deep Purple members Richie Blackmore, Ian Gilian, Nick Simper, and Roger Clover all hit the seven-o this year. As does three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer Eric Clapton and Pinball Wizard himself: Pete Townshend! If you happen to like hanging with the lizard lounge rockers there is Rod Stewart who still gets the ladies after all these years. Canada may have Brian Adams respectfully rockin’, however Neil Young stands out as being a kick-ass folk rocker who started in great bands like Crosby, Stills, & Nash. Also worth point taken for grunge before there was grunge is Debbie Harry aka ‘Blondie’ who has stood the test of time for turning 70 is certainly worth the subliminal song title “Call Me” these days.